Fostering the Education of Girls for Empowerment

Empowering marginalized girls with quality education and leadership acumen.

For a quarter-century, Adarsh Manas Seva Sanstha’s 'Girl Education Program' (GEP) has been dedicated to providing quality elementary education, particularly for girls and marginalized children. Our mission is to nurture future leaders and catalysts for change. We firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of girls' empowerment, equipping them with essential skills and mindsets to unlock their full potential in both social and economic spheres.

In India, our girls' education initiatives thrive on creating inclusive, gender-sensitive, and secure learning environments. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, we advocate for the significance of educating girls and mobilize resources through online donations and other effective strategies. Our educational endeavors align closely with the Right to Education Act (2009) and the National Education Policy 2020, ensuring compliance and effectiveness in our approach.

Robust Base

Support the FLN Mission and NEP's goal of Universalizing Early Childhood Care and Education.

Goal : Collaborate with local governments and transportation officials to create safe routes to school by walking and cycling. This may include building sidewalks, cycle lanes, and pedestrian crossings to ensure that students can get to school safely.

Innovators and Change Maker

Align with NEPs objective of developing 21st Century skills in adolescents

Goal: Implement project-based learning programs where students work on real-world challenges and projects. Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity when tackling problems and developing innovative solutions.

System Strengthening

  • Teacher capacity building
  • Monitoring mechanism
  • Learning trackers
  • Content

Community Level Engagement

  • Community volunteers
  • Self learning kits
  • Community learning centres/libraries

Strategic Partnerships

  • Advocacy consortium
  • Knowledge sharing partnerships
  • Partnerships for research
  • Gender Equality
  • Safety and Security of Children
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Children

Major Achievements


Schools spanning seven states have reaped the rewards of 15 distinct projects.


Women and girls were engaged with a targeted focus on advancing gender equality and empowerment.


31,241 girls, among other children, were provided access to quality education.

82 girls

The Saksham project aided individuals at risk of discontinuing their education in pursuing safe and secure learning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adarsh Manas Seva Sanstha is a notable NGO dedicated to education in India. Their comprehensive 'Girl Education Program' (GEP) has been active for over 25 years, aiming to empower marginalized individuals, particularly women and girls, by enhancing their educational opportunities and life prospects.

NGOs contribute to girl child education by:

  • Enhancing the education system by improving teacher capacities, implementing monitoring systems, utilizing learning trackers, and curating educational content.
  • Engaging communities through collaboration with volunteers, distributing self-learning materials, and establishing community learning centers and libraries.
  • Forging strategic alliances to advance advocacy efforts, facilitate knowledge exchange, and conduct research.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are crucial in advancing and bolstering education in India. Some of the pivotal roles they play include:

  • Ensuring educational accessibility
  • Enhancing educational standards
  • Backing research and data analytics
  • Championing education rights
  • Offering financial assistance

NGOs play a vital role in promoting education by implementing various interventions tailored to address the diverse barriers to education present in different communities. These interventions include:

  • Supplying educational resources and materials
  • Educator development
  • Constructing and refurbishing educational facilities
  • Granting scholarships and financial aid
  • Engaging with local communities
  • Engaging in advocacy and policy initiatives

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